I dozed off and dreamt I was back in NYC in a neighbourhood looking like the Bed-Stuy/Crown Heights border. On my way into this apartment complex I saw all these dogs walking around, shitting here and there. An elderly woman was smearing dog shit all over herself, fucking her mouth with it and such.

Then I saw this tall amazon woman standing in the entrance of the apartment complex, 15 metres away. For some reason I could hear her talking on the phone in my mind. She was talking with a hired help. Telling him to put up two more doors in her apartment.

I walked over to her and asked if she had an available room. She took me by the hand and led me upstairs. The building was beautiful inside. Once inside her apartment, I saw all these rows of doors on the right side of the hall way. When I opened one of the doors, I noticed they all led into the same room.

The room consisted of six mattresses next to each other. The Amazon woman told me she rented out the mattresses to students and such who had just moved to the city. I quietly thought she was taking advantage of young people new to the city, desperate to find a place to live.

I sat down on a mattress. She sat down next to me. We started talking, then suddenly she made a move and pinned me down to the mattress. She barked and licked my face, before aggressively kissing me. I tried to struggle and get away, but in the end I just gave up struggling. What was the point anyway. I gave in and started kissing her back. She started fucking me. I was lying down with my eyes closed, so I thought she was using a strap on. When I opened my eyes I saw she had a dick. Apparently she was a transwoman. When I realised that, two of the young students renting some of the mattresses barged in, staring at us before apologising profoundly and closing the door after them.

After I managed to push her away, I asked if she was clean. She shrugged her shoulders, saying her balls itched. I was terrified if she.. Idk, had chlamydia, HIV or something. I kept screaming “WHY DID YOU DO IT WHY WHY WHY”. Her answer? Well, fuck. “It’s not like you haven’t been fucked against your will before, chill the fuck out”

I stormed out of the apartment, just to see all the walls had blood running down. Razor blades appeared everywhere. I picked one up from the stream of blood and starting slashing at my cunt, thinking about the fucking rapists who’s been inside me, who’s motherfucking cum inside me.

Then I woke up.

Vegan brunch feast while watching America’s Next Top Model followed by power napping.. :3 Sunday life with Kimmi.

Vegan brunch feast while watching America’s Next Top Model followed by power napping.. :3 Sunday life with Kimmi.